Repairs and Servicing 

Professional Split and Ducted System Installation

System Installation 

To achieve maximum performance of your system, the following should apply:
  • Ceilings must be insulated
  • All windows must be shaded with internal drapes or blinds
  • External doors and windows must be closed during operation
Installation Procedure

As a reputable business our company is covered by all the necessary insurances, including: public liability, general business insurance and worker compensation. All work is performed to comply with occupational health and safety standards and applicable Australian safety standards.

When installing your system we take great care at all times to protect your premises and complete the job as quickly and efficiently as possible. All equipment packaging and installation debris are removed from the site and your premises will be left in a clean and tidy state.

Electrical work is carried out by Strathdee Electrical Pty. Ltd Lic. 127921C. 

This includes the installation of all electrical controls, interconnecting wiring between the indoor and outdoor units and installation of electrical sub mains connecting the air conditioning unit to the domestic switchboard.


We use quality refrigeration-grade copper piping to comply with both the manufacturer's standards and Australian standard AS1571. Both the suction and liquid refrigeration pipes will be insulated with industry-approved insulation.

Copper piping and electrical wiring running down external walls are encased in colour bonding insulation, where the colour is matched as close as possible to your existing down pipe or wall colour.
Ducted System Installation 
Door Unit
The indoor fan coil will be suspended by perforated straps within the roof cavity to minimise structural vibration and facilitate drainage. 

Outdoor Unit
The outdoor condenser will be located adjacent to the building mounted on a poly slab. We allow suitable "breathing" space of approximately 100mm (4") behind this unit,

*Please Note: Due to varying council regulations and the Noise Pollution Act the final location of the unit is critical. Whilst all care is taken with a recommendation, the final decision is yours.

Condensate water from the indoor fan coil unit will be disposed via a PVC drain terminating in the roof gutter. As a safety measure (in the event of this drain becoming blocked) we will install a galvanised drip tray beneath the fan coil which will drain separately through the eaves. (Usually near the front entrance)

*Please Note: If water is visible through the eaves drain, it indicates that the main drain is blocked and you need to call for service without delay to avoid possible ceiling damage. 

MDO (square) - These outlets are multi directional type with four-way removable blades to allow adjustment of air flow for summer or winter. 

Round - These outlets have side way air discharge with an adjustable centre for increasing or decreasing air flow. 

Floor - These outlets have side way air discharge with an adjustable to control air flow levels. 

Wall - These outlets are manually adjustable to control air flow. 

Return Air - Air is returned to the indoor fan coil unit via hinged return air grill outlet with removable filter, usually located in the hallway. This washable filter should be cleaned at regular intervals.
Wall Mounted Split System Installation
Indoor Unit 

The indoor fan coil unit will be wall mounted with an installation plate. 

The pipes from the indoor unit will be connected to the outdoor unit by running wires and pipe through a small hole behind the indoor unit. 
Installation Time Frame

A basic time frame guide:

Small ducted air conditioning units OR wall-hung split systems can usually be installed within a day; larger ducted system may require two days.

N.B: The above guidelines depend upon local weather conditions and only include electrical work from the unit to the switch board (excludes power upgrade). Please refer to your individual quotation when accepting. We will advise you of estimated time required.
Commissioning of System 
Upon completion of your installation, our technicians will conduct a comprehensive test and start-up procedure that will ensure your system is operating at peak performance from day one and for many days to come. 
Air Conditioning Unit

Unit Manufacturer‘s warranty Five (5) years from the date of installation which covers all parts for malfunction and labour.

Two (2) years for Commercial installations.
Drains (1) One year.

Lower Mountains Air Conditioning guarantees the quality of our workmanship Domestic installations for a period of five (5) years from the date of installation and Commercial installations for a period of 12 months (1 year from the date of installation).

The workmanship warranty is only valid if yearly general maintenances are carried out on the unit by one of our technicians.

Zone Motors

Manufacturer's warranty. (Labour excluded)

Ductwork & Fittings 

Manufacturer's warranty. (Labour excluded)

Strathdee Electrical Pty Ltd guarantees the quality of our workmanship for a period of five (5) years from the date of installation. 

The workmanship warranty is only valid if yearly general maintenance is carried out on the unit by one of our technicians.
The manufacturer recommends that your air conditioning system be serviced annually by a qualified technician.

Lower Mountains Air Conditioning offers an annual maintenance to all of our customers. In addition to regular maintenance/service it is important to clean your filters regularly, dirty filters can damage the air conditioner, clean filters will ensure clean air, greater efficiency, and extend the life of your equipment.

From the date of installation we will send an Annual Maintenance Letter to you, where you can have your maintenance call out at a discounted rate for your ongoing loyalty.
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